A star by any other name…

Best wishes to Ann Marie Starr on her retirement from Aurora Family Service, where she served as Director of the Family Therapy Training Institute since 1999.

Over the last three decades, Starr has made an impact on the lives of families in our community as a therapist and social worker. Beginning a new chapter in her life, Starr will continue her private practice in marriage and family therapy and enjoy more time with her children and grandchildren.

According to her colleagues, Starr truly lives the spirit of family therapy. “Her ability to relate to people as they’re learning and provide a space where they can be creative is just amazing. She always envisions there will be a solution, but doesn’t dictate what that looks like. Rather, she helps people pull from their strengths to make a difference,” said Jane Pirsig, executive director of Aurora Family Service.

In fact, it is her wisdom and skill at strengthening relationships that is her legacy.

“I certainly brought years of experience to my role at the Institute. I had the privilege of practicing in the community and at a major hospital. I’d been exposed to a lot of really skilled professionals,” said Starr.

“What matters most to me is my relationships with the students, faculty and supervisors. We built a community of folks who care about each another, who mentor one another, and who recognize how much family matters.”

On behalf of Aurora Family Service and Aurora Health Care, we thank Ann Marie Starr for helping us build stronger families in the community.

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