AFS 130: Celebrating our 2012 Community Partner

“You only live once, so let’s do this.” – J. Pat Miller, on-air radio talent, 94.5 The Lake

This “go-getter” attitude has made J. Pat Miller a legend in Milwaukee. Last fall, he and his bosses at 94.5 The Lake decided they’d help out Aurora Family Service (AFS) with a promotional event guaranteed to grab the attention of their 400,000 weekly listeners.

They clinched it with an unprecedented Pilgrimage to Lambeau – with J. Pat walking the 112 mile journey from Milwaukee to Green Bay – braving the cold, gusty mid-November weather conditions.

Over four days, the radio station provided live on-air coverage of J. Pat’s long walk for a very important cause: Aurora Family Service’s Family to Family Thanksgiving program. This was one way to raise the awareness of the need and help raise funds to buy Thanksgiving dinners.

“Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Our hope was to inspire people to give, so others could enjoy a holiday so many of us take for granted,” said J. Pat.

In recognition of their help in bridging one family to another, J. Pat and the team at 94.5 The Lake will receive the Community Partner Award at the 130th annual meeting of Aurora Family Service.

Since 1996, this program has helped lift the spirits of families in Milwaukee during the holiday season. Each year, this program provides 3,000 families with a complete set of groceries so family members can work together to prepare their own Thanksgiving meal.

Despite many sore muscles, a strained knee, and multiple blisters, J. Pat’s endeavor raised enough money to feed more than 800 families.

Because of the partnership with the radio station, the on-air promotion and appeals on 94.5 The Lake, along with coverage on WTMJ-AM and WTMJ-TV 4, they helped AFS raise more than $28,000 in donations for Family to Family Thanksgiving.

“As the person rallying for the cause, ultimately it was about putting dinners on the table,” said J. Pat. “This was a very powerful, meaningful cause for our listeners. I was honored to be part of the experience.”

Congratulations to J. Pat Miller and 94.5 The Lake for supporting our purpose to help families live well in our community.

Aurora Family Service helps families overcome challenges, changes and crisis to live well again. We achieve stability and strength for families through counseling, parenting, elder care, financial, career, health and community services.  For more information, visit our website, follow us onFacebook, or call 1-414-342-4560.


About Tyler Curtis

Tyler Curtis is the Donor Communications Specialist with Aurora Health Care Foundation. Ms. Curtis develops feature articles that showcase Aurora’s programs and services and promote the organization’s commitment to the health and wellness of patients in the communities where we serve.
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